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Vial Trays

Keep Everything Safe and Sorted with Vial Trays

Biotech laboratories, diagnostics labs, and others often have to keep hundreds of vials of blood samples safe from breakage. They also have to keep these samples organized. Other labs need to deal with different types of fluids, but have the same requirement to keep them safe and organized.

Vial trays are typically used to accomplish both of these things. These trays have small holes, so vials inserted in them are held upright and prevented from being knocked into each other. Labeling, coloring, or other visual markings are used to let workers know what to expect in each tray. A proper organization system then allows people to determine what is in a specific tray at a glance.

Hurst Corporation produces vial trays and other supplies for the biotech industry. If you need new or custom trays, contact the company and set up an account.

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