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The HURST CORPORATION is a custom designer and builder of label removal machinery. The Hurst "Labelstripper" machine is the world standard for label removal in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. The HURST LABELSTRIPPER automatically removes both label and adhesive from 600 glass bottles per hour with one operator. Glass size range: 1ml to 200ml. (250 ml Optional).

The LS200C, our seventh generation LABELSTRIPPER is a compact, vertical lathe with specially designed, non-scratching, air-cushioned blades that follow the exact contours of spinning glass bottles, removing both label and adhesive as an integral unit.

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Containers are placed in the rotation fixtures and clamped in position. Five containers are stripped during a cycle.


As the containers spin, the air-cushioned blades move downward in a programmed motion and spirally strip off the labels.


The safety shield with electrical interlock is closed. The stripper blades engage the containers and rotation is initiated.

The LABELSTRIPPER features a state-of-the-art interlock and cushioned bottle holders, providing full operator, product, and environmental safety. Dangerous soaking and hand-held razors are eliminated.

LABEL TYPES - Paper, foil and plastic film labels with pressure sensitive, gummed and thermoplastic adhesives.

CONTAINER TYPES - Round, glass containers up to a maximum of 2-1/4" diameter X 5" high.

PRODUCTION SPEED - to 600 containers per hour

DRIVE - Timing belt drive with 1/3 horsepower variable speed DC motor.

STRIPPER BLADES - Specially designed high-speed tool steel blades. Air over oil vertical speed control. Automatic shifter distributes wear. Quick change design for fast replacement.

CLAMPING MECHANISM - Variable pressure air-operated clamp engagement. Clamping fixtures have rubber inserts to protect containers and closures.
CONSTRUCTION - Rugged 1/2" aluminum sidewalls with stainless steel panels and work surface.

WEIGHT - 300 lbs. avg.

UTILITIES - Electric - 115/230, 50/60 HZ. AIR - 60 psi at 1 CFM

ls200str (1).gif


HURST patented ‘DL’ series pressure sensitive label delaminating machines provide a method for effectively removing labels and adhesive from syringes, plastic bottles, and aluminum canisters. HURST ‘DL’ machines employ HURST H-95 custom manufactured ultra sticky tape resiliently positioned juxtapose a labeled container. Containers may be hand positioned or automatically index wheel positioned. Adhesive pre-softening may be employed.

When applied to a 3-layer paper pressure sensitive label, HURST H-95 delaminating tape removes the top printed label layer leaving a thin skin of the labels middle pulp layer and the entire bottom adhesive layer. All residues are assimilated into the bottom adhesive layer of a secondary label (normally a slightly larger, wrap-around, overlapping label). No trace of the original label is evident after relabeling.

When applied to a 2-layer film type label (PVC, PP, Mylar, etc.), HURST H-95 delaminating tape removes both the top printed layer and the bottom adhesive layer as an integral unit.

HURST ‘DL’ series label removing machine capabilities are dependent on several factors: surface coating of the top printed label layer, bonding properties of the middle pulp layer, and bottom layer adhesive properties.

HURST ‘DL’ machines are custom built and may employ various levels of automatic operation to meet individual applications.


HURST 'DL' series label removing machines employ a custom made extreme high initial tack pressure sensitive tape to instantly bond to the top printed surface layer of a pressure sensitive label. HURST H-95 delaminating tapes feature a 2 mil flood coated adhesive (PSTC test #1 rating: 95) on a tough poly-ester film carrier. All roll widths are available.

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