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3rd Annual Salty Riders
Bike Brewery Tour

Saturday September 9, 2023

Another creative way to day drink - and blame it on bike riding. An easy 17 mile loop with stops along the way for rest, beer, food, whatever...

The Plan:  9:30am Ferry to Lewes. Ferry arrives around 10:45 then off to Stop 1. Miss the ferry? Figure it out. 

Stop 1

Dog fish

7 miles, 40min


Stop 2

Revelation Brewery

1 mile, 10min


Stop 3

Iron hill

1.5 miles, 15min

May skip this one


Stop 4

Crooked Hammock

5 miles, 25min


Stop 5

Big Oyster

1 mile, 10min

Leave at 7 sharpe



Irish Eyes Pub

Ferry terminal

2.5 miles, 15min


Ferry leaves at 7:45p - last one of the day

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