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Hurst Corporation announces new Strategic Partnership

We are excited and pleased to announce our new strategic business partnership with Chemtech International, Inc of West Chester Pennsylvania.

Chemtech International, formed in 1984 by Kosh Daphtary, joins Hurst Corporation as our exclusive domestic and international distributor for Hurst patented polycarbonate vial trays, stainless steel tray systems, and custom engineered / manufactured vacuum formed bins, totes and trays. In addition, Chemtech also provides patented Hurst syringe storage solutions, vial placement inserts and a wide array of accessories.

Chemtech has an extensive history in providing pharmaceutical tray solutions worldwide since 1992. Under the current leadership of Neel Daphtary, President, Chemtech International will allow us to reinforce and expand our global commitment to the pharmaceutical market by broadening our product innovation, marketing, sales and exceptional customer service.


Hurst Corporation will continue to provide engineering, design, manufacturing, and project management to our expanding family of customers.





Hurst Corporation announces new Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics


Please join us in welcoming Bailey Russell Hurst to the Hurst Corporation executive team and board of directors. Bailey serves as the new Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics.


"Adding this executive position will allow us to further focus on product innovation, design, engineering, manufacturing and customer success. This move represent just one of many reorganizing efforts currently underway at Hurst Corp. Stay tuned!" according to Hurst Corp President / CEO Max Hurst.


Bailey is the grandson of Hurst Corporation founder Richard F Hurst and represents the third generation of leadership and entrepreneurial vision at Hurst Corp. Bailey is a proven business leader with years of experience in logistics and solution planning.


Founded in 1963 by Richard F. Hurst, Hurst Corporation specializes in manufacturing of custom designed injection molded trays, custom stainless steel trays, vacuum formed bins / trays and machinery for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.


Known worldwide for the patented "LabelStripper" label removing machines, Hurst Corporation has had over 500 machine installations in 10 countries. Customers include Astra Zeneca, Bayer, Catalent, Hospira, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi and many others.


Hurst Corporation is a national leader in the creative design and manufacture of stainless steel depyrogenation, autoclave, incubation and lyophilization vial trays. Hurst patented syringe trays, polycarbonate vial tray and cart systems provide a full range of equipment and accessories for economical vial storage and transport in addition to providing custom vacuum formed bins / totes and trays.

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